Why I #Resist


This is weighing on my mind.

I get that people are tired of political posts. I get that people think those who are not fond of Trump who continue to post or have negative opinions appear to be just that – negative and consumed.

If you don’t like it, skip it. I will NOT just roll over and watch this happen and it’s MY right as an American to stand up for what I think is wrong – for my sake, for OUR sakes, and especially for my children’s sake.

“Oh it’s just a tweet, let it go.”
“We did this for 8 years now it’s your turn”
“He won the election get over it.”
“Give him a chance”
“That’s fake news”

These are divisive statements from people who aren’t seeing what truly matters to those who care about our rights, future, and lives in the balance. Negative news on his reputation is not fake news. At times news may be misinformed but not maliciously to hurt someone in a place of power.

He won the election and I’m over it. You can let that go. But he’s in office for 4 more years and it’s my intention as a citizen who did not vote for him, is vehemently against his policies, and fears for his mental safety causing us due harm, to continue to be vocal about what’s good and right for our country.

8 years you suffered, eh? Really? I’m so sorry – but you know what, I didn’t. I can’t relate to you. Stop playing tit for tat. This isn’t a game of punishment – this is America. Don’t wish pain on others – you’re not winning a game of rugby – you’re talking about others who are affected by extreme policies that have no place here – not in my opinion. Even if they don’t affect me, they affect many others.


These are laws and orders at the hand of a man who not only lies constantly but makes a fool of himself to other countries who have admired us for many moons.

His tweets are indicative of his mental health, attitude, inability to grasp reality, where his priorities are, and his clear mindset to someday be a dictator and to put everyone below him. Anything negative to him is fake or a reason to tear down others. This is not integrity. This is not professional. It is narcissistic. It is cruel. And it is a sign that any power in his hands is power used against ALL people – just because he’s catering to your beliefs does NOT make him sound nor does it make him a good President.

I care about my rights. The rights of my friends. My children. I care about values and the foundation of our country which in a month of his presidency has become quickly compromised. This isn’t because I’m left. This isn’t because it hurt to let Obama, one of the most sane, patient, and golden Presidents ever, go.

This is the reality that we have a president that continues to escalate the level of danger as his knowledge of the position is diminished by his love of power – and his love of himself.

This is why I stand up for things. This is why I do have some time consumed by watching, informing myself, and being vocal on how I feel. I will not be quiet because people don’t like it, and I will speak up – even if my voice is never heard – I’ll know I spoke all the same.

That’s courage. Silence only threatens everything we stand for – and everything we have left to give back to others.

Especially our children.

#notmypresident #unite #resist #persist




Poetry from the heart and soul, it’s here – no need to explain or attempt to get anybody to understand where it comes from, it’s all the gut, soul, and very deepest pits of my spirit.

While some of my poetry is prompts from Twitter, other verses are just ink to the paper, I sketch what the hands cannot –

This is my heart and soul.


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